Or Something

January 6, 2006

I’ve decided to set up this blog to be able to talk about all sorts of nonsense away from Reinvented Blog, which is tied to my business.

There are lots of reasons for this. I used to write more stuff on Reinvented Blog, but after a while it became apparent that people were reading it, and that will never do. Actually, that is great but I felt I should to stay on-topic and only talk about my business or things related to it.

So before blogging becomes totally passé (probably sometime next week) I thought I should start this one. Here, freed from the limitations of not wanting to offend anyone, make an idiot of myself or rant about anything too frothily, I can say what I want. I just need an outlet.

I don’t know what I’ll do on it – I’m hoping anything. Here you might see photos, audio or video blogs (not podcasts), rants, stories about cats, really bad “poems” or one word answers to complicated, menacing questions. Probably lots of in-jokes between friends and all sorts of stuff besides.


5 Responses to “Or Something”

  1. […] I’ve decided to set up another blog on wordpress.com to be able to talk about all sorts of nonsense away from this one. It’s currently called Or Something and the first post pretty much explains what it is about. […]

  2. hanso Says:

    hey, steve, congratulations, i feel more comfortable leaving comments here as a private citizen. not that i ever did leave comments in the past but still. perhaps, i didn’t want to insult you, embarrass you, or be insulted or ridiculed myself. haha

    i look forwad to some really really bad poetry too. congrats!

  3. Andy Kim Says:

    Yo Steve. I was actually talking with Jin about this very same topic last night while doing soju shots. Being the pessimistic horrible person that I am, I constantly get the urge to chew people out and complain and bitch about life. But I have to put up this goody two shoe happy prozac face on the company blog. I feel like I need to talk about podcasting all the time, but i think I would enjoy talking about programming and developing more. If you ever run out of things to say here I would love to hear more of your thoughts on coding.

  4. Steve Says:

    Yeah, I could well end up talking about development and stuff. I always wanted to do this on Reinvented Blog, but I’d always end up editing the hell out of it and by the end I really didn’t care and didn’t think anyone else would either. Here, I hopefully won’t worry so much about what I write.

  5. […] see, a year ago I said I wanted this blog to be the place where I talked about things I couldn’t talk about on […]

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