Computer Says No

January 10, 2006

I’m short-sighted and wear contact lenses; I get the daily replacement ones from Boots and have done for years. I really like the lenses, they’re much smaller and seem more durable than the ones I had before. I don’t think I’ve accidentally torn one or received any broken ones in years. They get delivered every quarter. Also, I’ve always been very happy with the service I received from the people in Boots.

I don’t wear lenses every day and after a while started building up a backlog. Boots suggested I cut down from a 90 day supply every quarter to a 60 day supply. That saved me some cash but kept me on their vision plan (it has benefits) while I worked through the backlog. After my last delivery at the end of September I noticed it was time to go back to a 90 day supply.

Their helpline seemed busy all the time so I called into the Boots store last October and told them what I needed. I find it’s better dealing with people face-to-face sometimes anyway. However, when the next delivery arrived last week, it was still for only 60 days.

I called into the store again and explained what had happened. I was told that if you don’t change your order right around the time of a delivery, it won’t go through. Well, why didn’t they tell me this the last time?

Then I asked whether they would bring the next order forward because I’ll be a month short. Apparently not, I’ll have to buy some separately. FFS! I’ll probably need to get them ordered especially anyway, knowing my luck.

The fat bitch who served me seemed too full of herself to have any room left for me, and admitted that she knew little about contact lens orders while telling me all this stuff. I was informed the person who did know all about it was sitting next to her, on the phone. I wished this expert would get off the phone and sort it all out.

All this is just hassle I don’t need. I should have said so at the time but you know the way that you can be stunned by someone’s attitude and only realise afterwards that it was probably just some brush-off because they couldn’t be bothered to do their jobs properly, or won’t admit to not knowing something. That was me for a while after walking out of the store, a little stunned, thinking that as far as customer service goes, this sucks.

So now I’m going to get onto their helpline to try to work this out again and if I can’t, I’ll take my business elsewhere.



2 Responses to “Computer Says No”

  1. ade Says:

    (LOL! @ ‘fat bitch’)

    Personally, those incidents would be enough to make me go elsewhere for my product.
    Boots customer service may never been an issue in the past, but your experiences recently are quite bad (unfortunately the in-store experience was the result of one person’s attitude alone, but could perhaps be an indication of the company attitude as a whole).

    Luckily, the lenses are a product that you can source elsewhere. The only question is whether you can get a direct replacement.
    I suppose you could try and make a positive out of this by seeing if you can change supplier and save money at the same time.

  2. Steve Says:

    Really the only thing stopping me is the hassle of changing suppliers. When it the effort involved in switching becomes less than the effort involved in sorting this out, I’ll do it.

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