The Air We Breathe

January 11, 2006

I didn’t feel good today, I had this nasty headache, was feeling a little dizzy and I noticed, while trying to iChat with people about the Stevenote, that my brain really wasn’t at its best. Lethargy is no stranger in the winter, but this was different.

We’ve been having trouble with our central heating boiler, it’s been making occasional small banging noises and we’ve been trying to get someone out to service the thing for ages, but they’re all so damn busy. Today there was this slight smell of something plasticky melting, so we turned it off.

In lieu of a gas engineer we called our friend, Geoff the builder, because while he isn’t CORGI-registered (a legal requirement for people who service gas appliances), he’s a plumber and knows all about gas stuff. He brought his carbon monoxide meter and guess what! The thing was going off like a Geiger counter in Chernobyl.

You can’t smell CO, or see it, and since even a little CO can cause brain damage or death, it’s lucky we’re still alive!!! It’s a good job that plastic thing was smelling, whatever it was, or we wouldn’t have known.


5 Responses to “The Air We Breathe”

  1. ade Says:

    Do you share a house with Rachael off of Radio One’s Chris Moyles show?! Coincidentally, she was off work yesterday with a supposed ‘two-day’hangover’ which turned out to be carbon monoxide poisoning too!

    Glad you’re still with us then. 🙂

  2. Claire Says:

    Bloody hell Steve you’re lucky! Good old Geoff – he always seems to save the day. Unfortunately it’s the worst time of year to not have any heating, but better to be cold than dead. (Do you want to borrow a heater?!)

    Funnily enough, someone on the radio this morning was also saying that CO had been detected in her flat. I guess this is a warning that we should all be more aware and test for these things – I believe CO detectors only cost a couple of quid but can save your life (a little like smoke alarms).

  3. Steve Says:

    Yikes! Synchronised husband and wife blog posting alert! You two are so spooky.

    Funny coincidence with Radio One’s Rachel, and yes, we’ll be getting detectors!

  4. Claire Says:

    You do realise we’re the same person don’t you? It’s all clever use of mirrors and stuff 😉

  5. Steve Says:

    That’s… worrying!

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