I’m Getting the iMac

January 12, 2006

It took some deciding. The MacBook Pro looks so cool, even if it has a silly name, but I decided to go for the 20″ Intel iMac. My ADC hardware discount saved me around 10% and the iMac should arrive either at the end of next week or the beginning of the week after.

A few things swung it in the iMac’s favour. First of all the MacBook Pro does seem to be carrying quite a price premium over the current PowerBooks, and I’m sick of price premiums. It seems almost all the Macs I’ve bought over the last few years – usually in an excited frenzy following a Macworld keynote – have been for top whack, particularly as I like to spec them up. My Bondi iMac G3, my Titanium PowerBook G4, my sunflowery iMac G4 and my current 15″ PowerBook have all been released at one price, only for it to drop a few hundred quid 3 or 6 months later. I never used to care because I was loaded, but now I’m not.

Secondly, there is the availability. I hate waiting. The fuzzy promise of a February delivery will do my head in. I’ve been there before, tracking the damn thing as it makes its way strapped to the back of the Apple Store donkey all the way from Singapore. And how come they always seem to get stuck in Amsterdam for days? Does said donkey stop to enjoy a fat one in a smoky cafĂ© before slipping off to the red light district for some donkey-on-mule action?

Finally, my current iMac G4 needs replacing before my PowerBook, so it makes sense to get that first. I’ll probably get a MacBook Pro later in the year, immediately after they do that spec-upping price-dropping thing they always do.


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