A Day in the Life

January 20, 2006

An unusual day, but take out the airport run and extra episode of EastEnders and it’s pretty normal…

00:00 Work on support emails and Feeder.
01:40 Stop working, start listening to podcasts and catch up on the Daily Politics, read my feeds, surf web, compulsively research Feeder features I’ll be working on soon.
05:00 Go to bed.
06:30 Go to sleep.
08:00 Alarm goes off. Hit snooze.
08:09 Hit snooze.
08:18 Hit snooze.
08:27 Get up and get ready to take friends to Bristol Airport.
08:45 Smoke first cigarette with cup of tea. Check email, feeds.
08:50 Make toast, more tea.
09:05 Another cigarette.
09:10 Put in contact lenses, brush teeth, rearrange hair
09:20 Leave for friends’ house.
09:30 Friends not there!
09:45 Friends turn up after dropping dog off with parents and having been stuck behind white van doing 25mph, yadda yadda.
09:50 Leave for airport.
11:00 Complain at length about lack of direct route from M4 motorway to Bristol Airport. You have to go through Bristol City itself, villages, barns, cows’ intestines, etc…
11:20 Sing praises of the Clifton Suspension Bridge, which seems to look more stunning every time I see it. They don’t make ’em like they used to. Discuss whether having a name like Isambard Kingdom Brunel made him do stuff to live up to it.
11:40 Arrive at airport, park, they get checked in.
12:00 Brunch with friends at airport, featuring the world’s most uninspiring panini and hottest, nastiest latte served by a young guy who, if he wasn’t gay, did a bloody good job of appearing to be. He was not the slightest bit interested in serving yours truly or anyone else for that matter.
12:20 Say goodbyes, leave airport after driving two miles around car park looking for Pay Station.
13:20 Arrive at Magor services for tea and a cigarette.
13:40 Leave Magor.
14:30 Arrive home. The Intel iMac hasn’t turned up. Not surprised but secretly disappointed.
14:35 Make tea, smoke cigarette, read and respond to support emails.
17:00 Early dinner (early start!)
17:20 Tea, cigarette, support emails.
18:25 Catch up on yesterday’s EastEnders.
19:00 Tea, cigarette, notice PodShow Developer Blog, check out podcast, write post about it for Reinvented Blog.
19:30 Post to blog. Edit, edit, edit. Join mailing list, etc.
20:00 Catch today’s EastEnders – will Rosie leave “Keef” for ex-husband Mike?
20:30 Tea, cigarette, notice two pingbacks on PodShow blog post, comment back.
21:00 Support emails.
11:15 Give up for the day. Start writing this blog post while listening to DSC #320.
11:55 Post this to Or Something blog.
11:59 Ponder how sad I am and how I never seem to get anything done these days!

Tomorrow I hope to fit in a shower or something!


2 Responses to “A Day in the Life”

  1. Claire Says:

    Eww I can’t believe you didn’t shower!

    You forgot to add:

    11.25 Light up fag, causing asthmatic in back seat to gasp for air. Continue smoking anyway as said asthmatic has only developed asthma to try to make you feel even more guilty about smoking.

    11.30 Drive round accident scene at roundabout, avoiding butcher (resplendent in apron) who is sketching scene on pad, oblivious to two tankers and other assorted traffic waiting patiently to drive round roundabout.

    Interesting how your day is punctuated with tea and fags (and I’m talking about cigarettes, not possibly-gay nuclear coffee vendors).

  2. Steve Says:

    I know! It was only after writing all that I realised I hadn’t showered!

    Yes, sorry about the asthma attack but my need was clearly greater than your life. And yes, I am now convinced you’ve only developed asthma purely to get at me. This sudden dog hair allergy thing is pure nonsense.

    I really should have mentioned the butcher. We will be able to see the drawing of that accident scene in the Tate next week, no doubt.

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