Intel iMac Arrived

January 23, 2006

Well here it is, my 20″ iMac Intel Core Duo!

iMac Intel Core Duo

There is a whole set on Flickr with the unpacking of the iMac, because it’s always such a pleasurable experience with Apple products – no corrugated cardboard and little egg boxes stuffed with crap. There’s also an interesting side-by-side photo with my iMac G4.

Anyway, the new iMac looks great and feels snappy. I’d never used the migration assistant before – that took about an hour to transfer all the stuff from the iMac G4 pretty flawlessly as far as I can tell. It didn’t do the developer tools though, so I had to download and install them, but they were really quick to install – I always remembered that being quite a bind (or prebind).

Apps running under Rosetta feel (ironically) about the same as my G4 iMac, which actually isn’t bad at all thanks to lots of memory (UPDATE: Actually, the more I use apps in Rosetta, the less I think this is true. Launch times are much slower, and there is definitely less snappiness in Rosetta compared to the iMac G4).

My own applications work fine in Rosetta, which isn’t a surprise but a relief all the same. I’ve also played around a little with iLife ’06, and while I’ve been much too kid-in-toy-shop to get too deep into everything I’ve got to say it all looks very impressive.


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