Yojimbo… and KIT

January 26, 2006

The more I see of it, the more I think that Yojimbo is an awful lot like KIT, or what KIT would be like if I had any time to work on it lately.

It’s really difficult having two apps when one of them (Feeder) makes such incredible demands on my time. Then again it’s Feeder that pays the bills, so it’s only logical.

I still like KIT, I have a ton of ideas and even started KIT 2.0 before iTunes came along with its fancy RSS extensions and thousands of podcasters.

I was thinking… Yojimbo could be good for KIT in the long run. The only similar app I know of is DEVONthink (the icon thiefs) – the world of organiser apps is a heavily populated one and they’re all different, but if someone looks at Yojimbo they might be tempted to see what else is out there.

Or maybe not.


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