January 30, 2006

The plumber has turned up, or rather the plumbers, to fit our new central heating system after the last one nearly gassed us to death (well, y’know, could have!).

One of them looks spookily familiar, maybe we were in school together. Another looked at me and asked if Rob was my brother (correctly, he recognised the resemblance) and the main guy is huge, with a big booming voice. He almost has to bend down to get through doorways.

Apparently this will take three days. And you know what that means, gentle reader. Three days of me getting up at the same time as normal people. Three days of making tea and bacon rolls. Three days of banging, crashing and doubtless much talk about lots of things I don’t understand, like plumbing, sport and something called “television”.

I also get the feeling this isn’t going to help my already hopeless productivity.

Heaven help me if they ask what I do. Sometimes my line is “I write software and sell it on the internet”. It’s the selling part that seems to put them off asking why the El-Cheapo scanner they got with their PC has never worked. And whether I have any games they could copy. And why not? And what is a Mac? And why is that different? And why have something different if you can’t pirate the same games as everyone else? And so on.

Wish me luck.

Update: Actually they’re all very nice and the conversation has been sport-free and almost computer-free (I must have really nailed the “No, I will not fix your computer” look). That’ll teach me to bitch.

Update to the Update: Now they reckon they can get it finished by tomorrow. Hell, I’ll fix their computers and I’d consider doing so without protective rubber gloves if need be.

Update to the Update to the U to the E: Like you care.


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