Duvet Monday

February 6, 2006

Apparently today is Duvet Monday – the day when the most people call in sick. From my experience of working in corporate whoredom, this usually involves feeling a bit fluey, having a dodgy stomach or a really, really bad headache that miraculously clears up by the next day.

Of course, if you really do feel fluey, have a dodgy stomach or a really, really bad headache then nobody will believe you today.

I tried calling in sick but just got my own voicemail. Nobody cares.

Did you go to work today, and if so, why?


One Response to “Duvet Monday”

  1. hanso Says:

    I am tired of lying to myself that I deserve this sleep in the morning when everybody else is wide awake doing mundane stuff. The problem is, mundane stuff is almost always too mundane for me to be excited about in the morning.

    Before, it used to be an IHOP breakfast I woke up for. Then, to drive my brand old-new Ford. Then, for this one girl, or two, or three. Then, to walk the dog. Then, to convince my dog that he’d already walked at night, and so on and so on.

    Now, nothing excites me. Like I could possibly give a damn.

    If, I didn’t have to go to class, work, or project, or any other commitment for that matter, will I not want to call in sick no more? Say, when I’m retired?

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