February 25, 2006

I know this blog has barely been going for 2 months, but I never thought it possible to have a blog more boring than the other one. Looks like I’ve achieved it.

Here’s a picture of some ducks and geese:

River Usk, Crickhowell


6 Responses to “Yawn”

  1. Claire Says:

    It’s not boring. they’re lovely ducks, and I’m sure they live in (one of) the best place(s) in the world.

    Yawn. it is time for bed though.

  2. Steve Says:

    Bed? What’s that?!

  3. hanso Says:

    In response to your boring picture, I have posted (i.e., will post soon when I feel like it) a picture of a flock full of Branta canadensis.

    And, yawn, it’s time for bed.

  4. hanso Says:

    I was, actually, going to say, I would out-bore you with my picture, but was distracted by the wikipedia article. I guess I’m not bored any longer thanks to wikipedia!

  5. Andy Kim Says:

    Heh, I want to play duck hunt on my old nes now.
    But uh… I think this blog is less boring than the other one 🙂

  6. Steve Says:

    Duck Hunt! You’re showing your age. 😀

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