March 2, 2006

Development on Feeder 1.3, codenamed “Ketchup” (from the Pulp Fiction joke, “catch up”, as in my huuuuuge list of things to do), is now complete. Lots of testing to do. And the help pages. And the web site. And the press release. And the download sites. And the last minute thing I completely forgot.

And before all that, the weekend! Time for some time out before I go completely insane.

This screenshot doesn’t show much, but it shows this version exists. Clicky for a bigger version:


I showed this to Hans and he hit the nail on the proverbial by saying that Feeder has matured. That is exactly what this release is about. It’s one thing to pile on the features, but something completely different to take what’s been done and carefully build on and improve that. I don’t write that as someone who has always known it, but someone who just found out! 😀

In this release there are new features and cosmetic improvements, but most of my work might initially go unnoticed. Yet if you use the app regularly, you’ll start to notice the thoughtful touches and subtle changes… I hope!


2 Responses to ““Ketchup””

  1. Andy Kim Says:

    One more bug to fix… “start notice the”

  2. Steve Says:

    Fixed, thanks! If only all bugs were that easy to fix.

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