WWDC 2006

March 7, 2006

A late one this year. Flights will be through the roof! 😦

Hmm. My ADC Select membership is due for renewal at the end of the month. I’d love to use that $400 discount. But the flights. The accommodation. The Hanso. The whether it’s worth it. The closeness to the next Podcast Expo. The whether that’s worth it (wasn’t last year).

Update: Flights do indeed suck:


3 Responses to “WWDC 2006”

  1. hans-o Says:

    After all, I checked my own schedule, and the Hanso issue seems to be fine. My classes will begin on the 19th so I predict any of the following:

    1. I may be freely roaming around the town.
    You may also freely roam around in my town.

    2. I may be working my arse off in my summer job.
    You may also work your arse off at WWDC and freely roam around in the evening.

    3. I may be done with work (or roaming around freely) and enjoying my vacation in Tahiti with umbrella drinks, served by girls in tiny bikinis.
    You may use my pad as your base camp, drive my car, and serve yourself umbrella drinks in whatever you want to wear, while you’re off WWDC sessions.

    Your second (accommodation) and third (Hanso) issues may be taken care of this way.

    Now, your fourth issue, “The wether it’s worth it.” The weather is worth it, stupid!

    I vote yea for your coming.

  2. Steve Says:

    Mmm. I think I’m looking at around £2000 / $3500 to make the trip.

    The trouble with this stuff is that you have to book everything in advance (esp. if you want to save money) and you can’t change anything or get refunds on anything apart from the hotel and the travel to / from airport. Given the above scenarios I don’t even know which days to book, etc. Obviously, the more flexible things are, the easier it would be to book cheaper flights on stranger days and so on.

    It’s all so complicated.

  3. hanso Says:

    Yeah, I know. Booking sucks. I don’t even think it’s fair for travelers not to get out of the reservation. Especially, the airliners are all full of take-it-or-leave attitudes. I’d rather row my boat than to fly in a plane where there are first class, business class, and economy class.

    JetBlue and Southwest, on the other hand, rocks!

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