Testing, Testing, One Point Three

March 9, 2006

Testing is so much fun. I was actually in tears on Monday. The only thing that dragged me out of total despair was mashing up Andy and Jin’s Iron Coder entries into something a little more silly.

I was so tired. I’ve been working furiously lately, to the point where I’ve been forgetting to eat, sleep, wash, talk and be able to think about anything else. Anyone unfortunate enough to have engaged me in conversation has either been subject to a hyperactive rant or a virtual grunt. (Sorry.)

Testing Feeder 1.3 keeps bringing home how much is in this release, and more importantly how many things I’ve virtually rewritten, particularly publishing. Things that were well-tested in the real world could now be more prone to breaking and considering that publishing is one area that brings me the most support emails (even when everything is working fine) that’s scary.

Anyway, I’m nearly there. I’m down to fixing little bugs now and making things like this:

look smoother and silkier, like this:

Funny how it’s the little things that can make your day seem worthwhile. When you’re insane.


2 Responses to “Testing, Testing, One Point Three”

  1. Claire Says:

    Don’t cry for me, I’m your Feeder
    The truth is, I’m nil without you
    All through your bad days, your dull existence
    I’ll keep my promise – we’ll go the distance.

  2. Steve Says:

    That’s something special!

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