March 21, 2006

I said my inbox has been busy in the keys video. Most of the feedback I’m receiving is overwhelmingly positive. There are a couple of small problems with Feeder 1.3, but they are paltry considering the amount of work I’ve done. We’re talking small glitches easily worked around. And far from people not noticing the changes I’ve made, there is a lot of appreciation for the work, the design, everything that I’ve put into it. Very cool!

I was so nervous doing this release but at the same time it has been such a relief to finally put something out there.

You know when you’re late leaving for somewhere (I always leave late) and you think that if you just go a little faster or just nip down that shortcut, you’ll make up the time, but you can’t because every slow bastard is clogging the road and every light is red and all your thrashing around actually seems to take longer in the end. That’s how it’s felt these last 6 months.

On the release day itself (last Friday) it was something of a shock when I received an email telling me that MacUpdate had reported the new version minutes after I uploaded my site, and then VersionTracker followed suit. I wanted / needed 15 minutes or so to go through the site and make sure everything was OK before the emails started coming, but there you go.

I’m really pleased with the new site design and especially that I’ve made it manageable again. I took a 62 page site and compressed it down to around 19 pages, including 6 generated pages for purchasing, feedback, etc that aren’t part of the site’s actual navigation. There were bound to be problems with some of the links but I think they’re all sorted now.

The only part I’m not entirely happy with is the home page (Products), but I did that last, decided to stop faffing over it and just release. I plan to put that right soon.


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