March 24, 2006

I just had the thought that I should codename KIT 2.0 “Mañana” – because that’s when it will be ready, in the Spanish sense at least. And that’s if I do it at all. Should I spend another two or three months of my life updating some app that nobody buys yet everyone gets in the form of that other one which starts with a Yo and ends with a jimbo?

I can’t put the whole Y-word together because people search for it and it leads them here. It’s why I had to hide the “I wish I could fucking type” post, because it came straight after some thought bubble about KIT and Y-word. Google sucks. Remember the days when you had crappy search engines that found the same 2000 random pages no matter what you typed in? You remained blissfully ignorant.

Anyway, this is my meaningless 1:30am blog post for the week. Deal with it.


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