Video: Flat 360º

March 25, 2006

I might as well continue memory dumping and show a 360º view of my bedroom / office at the flat on May 24, 2005 – a few days after moving in. This is only 21 seconds.


Note: The audio seems a bit “clicky” until the whole thing has loaded, don’t know why.

I was there from the middle of May until the end of September 2005. It was so cramped. I just about managed to squeeze two rooms’ worth of stuff into one, but never really unpacked anything that wasn’t essential.

Soon after, I realised that I could fit my PowerBook on that very deep windowsill (with Shaun the sheep) and do my support work from there – while blowing smoke out the window. My friend Claire told me that working while standing can be good because it makes you feel like you have control over the situation. I still do most of my support work standing up (and smoking), because I’ve also found it makes me do it quicker.

You also see that Beth had commandeered my chair. It’s often the case that the only place she wants to sit is the very place I need to be. And she wins every single time.

The incidental music is Sola Sistim by Underworld from their album A Hundred Days Off.


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