Video: Feeder 1.2 Beta (July 2005)

March 25, 2006

OK, it’s not really a video but I found this and it made me smile. I’m posting it here to preserve my own memories, probably far too boring for everyone else!


Some background: This is a H.264 version of a movie I did for the Feeder 1.2 beta testers on Saturday July 16, 2005. I tried writing stuff out, but decided that to show it would be better. And podcasters can’t read.

The noise you can hear in the background are the cars zooming by on the main road outside. And that was with the windows shut! I was living in the flat at the time, it was such a noisy place and I hated it – hearing that brings it all back.

I don’t normally do beta testing (I’d rather release and be damned than spend all my time managing a beta programme) but when iTunes 4.9 was released to add podcasting support, I needed people already listed in the iTunes Music Store to use Feeder and test that their feeds worked. That might sound scary, but people didn’t mind as they were otherwise handcoding their feeds and desperate.

I remember the date so accurately because the next day we went to Crickhowell and it was the most gorgeous summer’s day. It was also an amazing time for me. On the one hand things were really bad with my personal situation, but on the other thrilling things were happening – I found myself in the right place at the right time.

Life seems dull now by comparison (but maybe that’s not such a bad thing!).


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