GETV / Bubble 2.0

March 26, 2006

If I haven’t personally grabbed you by the throat and said how good I think Geek Entertainment TV is, then you may now consider yourself grabbed.

For me, Irina Slutsky’s interviews are the best as they manage to mix a little factual information with what we really want to know, like what Flickr co-founder Caterina Fake’s favourite tag is, or Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales’s favourite mistake.

What I especially like is the fact that they have caught onto the whole Bubble 2.0 thing, as it reinflates. It’s 1997 all over again. Anyone who reads TechCrunch will know that another Web 2.0 startup, er, starts up every single minute. Copycat social networking sites whose names end in “r” abound and very few seem to have ways of making money out of it, while VCs are really starting to pour the money in.

Anyway, if you haven’t already, check out GETV because it’s cool and a laugh.


3 Responses to “GETV / Bubble 2.0”

  1. wow! that’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever said about my smack talkin’ — thank you!

  2. Steve Says:

    hey, you deserve it! shame nobody actually reads this blog, but there you go.

    (note how I used all lowercase to be cool like irina. i know to conduct myself in the presence of the internet famous 😀 )

  3. it takes a lot of laziness and irreverent behavior to get to such a low point as the lower case

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