Welsh Dates in Mac OS X

April 3, 2006

OK, so there are about 3 million people in Wales, and let’s say that 60% own a computer (based on UK Internet usage stats for 2004), and let’s assume 5% of them use Macs and of these 5% only 10% actually use Welsh as a first language. That’s 9,000 people, and probably optimistic.

Well, you 9,000 people are in luck because I just noticed that Mac OS X supports dates in the Welsh language!


I only know one Welsh-speaking Mac user, so Deri, this one’s for you. Of course, you’ll be blissfully unaware as you’re galavanting around New Zealand, Australia and Japan for six months. 😀


2 Responses to “Welsh Dates in Mac OS X”

  1. hans-o Says:

    Wa…wa….what about me? 😉

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