Video: My Mess

April 5, 2006

My desk is a mess and so am I.


Let me know if this bores you senseless or has other strange side effects. Thanks!


5 Responses to “Video: My Mess”

  1. Claire Says:

    Strange side effect #1: it’s brought out my inner Virgo. I actually shuddered to see the mess.

    Strange side effect #2: I have the urge to come over and put up that picture your lovely friends bought you.

    Strange side effect #3: I feel obliged to tell you to hurry up and read those books as I want to read them! 😉

  2. Steve Says:

    I thought it might have a strange effect on you. You’ll be glad to know I’ve sorted most of #1.

    #2 I will do it this week… well, within the next 7 days or so. Honest.

    #3 Do you want to read them first? It will save waiting for the next Ice Age to come.

    Actually, didn’t we just have a mini Ice Age?

  3. Claire Says:

    LOL! – *we* did – Ice Age 2 in fact, at the cinema (expect a ranting blog post soon!)

    I actually have a backlog of books to read so will pass for now thanks, but I’ll borrow them when I’ve lessened the pile somewhat. Cheers!

  4. Steve Says:

    I look forward to your ranting blog post. All I do on this blog is moan, but you do a good frothy rant. you should have called your blog “AND ANOTHER THING!!!”.

    Showing your age, dear.

  5. VJnet Says:

    You pack whore!.. We are both in the same mess. lol 😉

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