April 7, 2006

I like all but one word of this article. Can you tell which word it is?

Apple has ignored Feeder from day one. Not once has it been featured on Hot Picks, but every other one of its shareware and freeware competitors has been featured. What are they trying to do to me, hmm?

Saying that, they featured KIT… and that bombed after the first month.

Download any of the RSS editor apps on Apple’s site, compare it to Feeder and tell me which one comes out on top.

Now, I realise they tend to feature major versions, such as 1.0, not 1.2 and that once featured these are “sticky” so all versions thereafter appear as hot picks, and that this system changed last summer after both KIT and Feeder’s 1.0 releases. As a result, maybe it doesn’t even make much of a difference these days, but while featured, KIT sold 7 times better than when it wasn’t.

Thankfully the magazines that have reviewed Feeder and the people who actually buy it seem to understand this.

Well, I plug your shit all the time, Apple. I’m at the top of a pile of Mac converts stretching back over 10 years and probably covering half of South West Wales. I don’t think I have any friends, or even friends of friends who haven’t seen the light and switched to Mac. Even my stalker uses a Mac, FFS.

Oh whatever.


3 Responses to “Whores”

  1. Joshua Says:

    Since I’ve been creating websites that don’t automatically generate RSS feeds, I started out with a CGI script generator. This free script did the basics, but was very limited (I mean limited!).

    When enclosures became (even more) popular (read podcasts) I needed to look for a real RSS feed generator.

    I *did* find that app that Apple links to in the article, but I *didn’t* try it because I also found your app… and believe it or not, I like it when independent programers do Mac only apps. 🙂 Why? I’ve noticed that some programers that have both Win and Mac apps tend to design the UI like a Windows app, like they just ported it and said there we go we have a Mac app.

    I never gave that competitor app a chance, never installed it, and bought Feeder days after I downloaded the demo.

    I’m sorry that Apple hasn’t featured Feeder, they should, it’s an awesome app.

  2. Steve Says:

    Thanks! I can’t really comment any more than I have already.

    I got over this a while ago, it’s not really a big deal, but it is a disappointment for me. Nobody likes to feel excluded, whether deliberate or not.

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