¡ No Hay Café !

April 17, 2006

on the road
On the road, originally uploaded by swingnut.

I love this shot. Not just because it’s got me in it, driving Audrey (a photographic first, I think?), but because it tells a story, one not apparent to the casual viewer.

After deploying just about every coercive trick in the book (short of blackmail and some cushions) I convinced the most hungover passenger on the left to leave the comfort of his own sickbed to join us in a relaxing, yet revitalising coffee.

Alas, Starbucks was closed, so we had to turn back and enjoy a Senseo instead.



One Response to “¡ No Hay Café !”

  1. ade Says:

    Pah indeed.
    S.O.B’s should have damn well been open on a most needy Easter Sunday.
    That was one of the most (internally) dangerous journeys I have ever made! (apart from the one last year where I was hungover and green) Do they not care about the sacrifice we make to stay loyal and regular to their fine coffee establishment?!
    Pah! & Gah! I say.

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