A Cool Shirt

April 21, 2006

Got a big night out planned for Friday. Since these things tend to get documented extensively on Flickr, this means I need to wear something new. The paparazi will be there.

I don’t mind shopping for clothes, as long as I want to buy the clothes in question. My biggest problem is finding stuff that I like. What you wear can be an indication of your personality. I’m not [that] crazy, so I don’t need to wear crazy clothes, but I like things that are thoughtful, stylish and different.

OK, that makes it sound like I think I’m thoughtful, stylish and different and I can hear all my friends saying “well, you are… different“. Bastards.

Anyway, I have this jacket I want to wear. It’s leather, it’s black, it’s cool, but to contrast that I need to wear something light or bright, and it’s too easy to end up just another member of The Same White Shirt Brigade.

So I was really pleased to find this very stylish, different, interesting Tom Wolfe shirt! I did a video to show my curious friends because I couldn’t describe it. That would be dull to watch, so here are some stills.


Top Left: Those black markings are like glued-on felt and, if you look closely, showing through the fabric is a tattoo-like pattern printed on the inside.

Top Right: Motif on side, material has all these ladders, creases and stuff.

Bottom Left: Slash across back and more felt.

Bottom Right: Inside has sewn-in half t-shirt, and you can see the “tattoos” printed on the inside.

Thought: how did that fucking stepladder end up back in here?


3 Responses to “A Cool Shirt”

  1. hanso Says:

    Long-term assessment: the shirt still looks awesome.

  2. Claire Says:

    Yeah – great shirt. Shame that someone else thought so too.

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