London/Curry Podcaster Meetup

April 24, 2006

I have an unwritten rule on this blog that it should be a podcasting-free zone, but rules are there to be broken. I might post something completely different on Reinvented Blog about this.

Last minute, I decided to go to the Adam Curry London Podcaster Meetup (as a developer, not a podcaster) just off Tottenham Court Road. It was a silly day to have it, what with it being the same day as the London Marathon and I was tired after our night out on Friday, partly because I’m old, but also because when we go out we do it in style. Oh yes.

So anyway, most London roads were closed for the marathon – and it was busy for a Sunday – so I had to take the train. Probably just as well given that driving around London is hell now because they have cameras for everything and parking is impossible. I was only there a few hours, due to my lateness in leaving, delays on the train (should be expected really) and post-marathon traffic jams.

I took the iRiver and may or may not have some interesting recordings of the trip, a particularly good example of a London taxi driver and stuff. I didn’t record my conversations with the podcasters, Adam or Ron Bloom but I do have some nuggets of information that may interest my friends in LA.

I’ll see if the rest of my recordings are any good to post. Mostly these will be me driving too fast / complaining about trains / singing along to the Eurythmics (badly). Much editing required.

I didn’t take any photos, even though I had my camera.

More soon. Maybe.


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