Attack of the Killer Car Vac

April 26, 2006

The car is booked in for a service tomorrow and they’re picking it up at 8am. Audi are very good about returning your car all nice and clean. I washed it a couple of weeks ago so the outside isn’t too bad, but the inside was filthy. Too filthy, frankly, for me to let them clean it.

Now I’m sure they see grubby cars all the time because of corporate leases and whatever, but this is my baby and I feel that if I present them with something that might appear to be a well looked after car, they will take more care of it. Maybe not, but whatever.

I could have cleaned it in the drive, but I needed petrol and thought I would just use the car vac there. It doesn’t cost much and does a better job. Trouble is, the thing is ferocious and while I was flailing about with the hose I heard an ominous suction noise. Oh dear.

I looked and couldn’t see anything missing. I have a pile of used parking tickets in that little cubby hole in front of the gear stick and figured it was just some of them. It was only when I got home and removed my far-too-expensive Oakleys sunglasses that I realised.

It had sucked up that special bag in which you’re meant to keep said Oakleys, because they scratch easily. They’re really good sunglasses and cost too much to get scratched. Getting a replacement bag is a chore and I probably wouldn’t bother.

I knew what I had to do next, but hesitated for a moment as the scene played out in my imagination.

Sure enough, back at the petrol station I gesture for the busy people behind me to go first while I hunt for the right words but they keep coming in. I approach the lady behind the counter:

“Er… I don’t suppose there is any way to get into that car vac, is there?”
“Um, not really… why?”
“I’ve lost something. It got sucked up.”
“Oh! What is it?”
“It’s a bag for my sunglasses, I wouldn’t normally bother, but they’re Oakleys.”
“I can get the manager to take a look when she comes in.”

She took my name and number and said they will let me know if they find anything. Feeling like a right saddo, I turned around to face a sea of grinning people. Bastards. I was smiling and laughing too, so that’s OK… But still. 😀


3 Responses to “Attack of the Killer Car Vac”

  1. Claire Says:

    PMSL! That’s such a ‘you’ thing to do.

    I hope that you get it back. failing that, I’m sure you can use something like a spare case ‘off of’ your glasses, or similar.

    I’ve got loads of spare glasses cases if you’re stuck.

  2. Steve Says:

    Isn’t it such a ‘me’ thing?

    They still haven’t called me. Whores. Like they care. If they’d just looked that night it probably would have been OK, but now it’s probably disgusting. I was quite happy to go delving.

    I might need to steal one of yours! 😀

    Beware the Killer Car Vacs!

  3. ade Says:

    PMSL! 😀

    Only in SteveWorld.

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