I Love This Blog

April 26, 2006

Here’s the deal: this is my personal blog. These WordPress blogs have plenty of stats and so I know that it’s only about 10 people who read it. It can get anywhere between 10 and 60 reads a day. Reinvented Blog is much, much, much more popular than that, and because of its relationship to my business I have to be more selective about what I post to it.

The numbers are fine by me. I think I know you all by name. I’ve probably met most of you. If I haven’t, it’s not an exclusive club. If you lurk, that’s to be expected. If you would like to introduce yourself, feel free. If you comment and contribute, even better. If this bores you senseless, read something else. I do this blog for me.

It took a little while for me to work out the purpose of this blog. I knew I needed it, but I just wasn’t sure why. This is how things go with me. I instinctively know something then have to work it all out.

The blog serves a number of purposes. No longer do I need to bore friends with long emails or chats about the status of my life. I can blog about that. That is not to be impersonal. I consider time actually spent with my friends – whether online or in person – special, and this way I can get all the crap out there that otherwise would consume those precious moments or never get said at all.

If you don’t know me that well, this blog can help you to get to know me better. I hardly know myself sometimes, so you won’t be alone.

It’s also a creative outlet. I like writing. I find if you want to write well, you have to write often. I’ve done the videos as a way of trying to get over my self-consiousness and inability to deliver coherent sentences to a microphone and camera. It would be no good if people couldn’t see it and I wasn’t nervous about people’s reactions, even if part of the point is that I shouldn’t worry about that. But I do.

I’m a performer in some ways. I improvise well. I can do a presentation to a crowded room no sweat at all, and make it informative and entertaining. Trying to do something specific for an imaginary audience seems much harder. The people I work with do that every day. It’s not as easy as it looks. I want to know what it feels like to be them.

Some of the stuff on this blog can be raw and unpolished. That’s because a lot of the stuff I do has to be *so* polished that it’s a relief to just toss something out there and see what people think. Sometimes (“Evita” video) they absolutely love it. Other times the deathly silence lets me know otherwise. That’s fine, it’s not like I’m staking anything on it and I don’t always expect comments anyway, but I get plenty, which is cool.

All sorts of cool people have dropped by (cool to me, anyway – you probably don’t know who most of these people are): Irina Slutsky, Michael Carrino, John Ong, Madge Weinstein, and my stalker. That’s because when I’m being “Steve”, some guy on the internet, I link back here.

And from here you can find links to the rest of my life. Much of this is documented on Flickr, you can see sites I want to plug on Delicious (which I’ve only started using because of the integration in NetNewsWire, I’m lazy about some stuff), and there are links to my friends’ blogs, even if some of them are hopeless bloggers. I even mix and match some of these at times, such as the photoblog entries. I can post here directly from Flickr, so why not.

I’m just a guy writing out his thoughts on a blog. It’s liberating. I love it.

PS I can’t recommend wordpress.com enough. If you like WordPress or want a free hosted blog with lots of extra features (many of which are being tested out on us guinea pigs for future releases of the downloadable WordPress) get one now!


3 Responses to “I Love This Blog”

  1. Claire Says:

    I wouldn’t lump your stalker in with the ‘cool’ crowd Steve – as we’re well aware that said stalker is not cool. Not even slightly.

  2. Steve Says:

    Ugh, you’re right. What a fuck up! That line, not the stalker… although now I think of it…

    I might just leave it there for posterity. After all, it’s cool to *have* a stalker (when they’re mostly harmless).

  3. John Ong Says:

    I’d have to agree with you Steve.
    Speaking to a microphone isn’t as easy as most people think.
    But you’ll get used to it, then you can’t stop.
    Yet again, even when one gets to that stage, it’s hard to master. I’m still trying.

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