PowerBook Case

April 27, 2006

Aerial View Originally uploaded by nsobject.

Now I can fix up my poor, battered PowerBook. Looks scary, because I have to rebuild the thing from scratch (see the rest of the photos in the set to get an idea) but thanks for getting this for me, Hanso!

BTW, the fall my PowerBook suffered probably couldn’t have been more nasty, as falls go. I was coming out of a lift with the PowerBook in my backpack and I was carrying another bag, so my hands were tied. I swerved to avoid someone with my bag and the backpack slipped off my shoulder. Trouble was that I hadn’t fastened the flap (I can’t remember a time when I haven’t – weird), the PowerBook slipped out and hit the hard edge of the elevator floor with a sickening clatter. 😦

My friends looked at me, poised to administer tissues, but I was OK. I’m a big boy now. (Sniff!).


2 Responses to “PowerBook Case”

  1. […] In other news my PowerBook bottom arrived today – thanks Hanso! Now I can start to think about swapping it. The only trouble with that is it means taking the whole PowerBook apart and putting it back together again. Should be fun. […]

  2. […] An update to my previous Ouch! and PowerBook Case posts. […]

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