Well Sprung

May 3, 2006

I had to go out to post something earlier and found myself wearing what can only be described as a t-shirt. Not only a t-shirt, you understand, I have taken my medication, I just mean to say that it’s been a great day as far as the weather goes.

Actually, such a nice day that my trip to the post office took a whole two hours. Audrey refused to turn left on the way back to the house and I ended up in Starbucks snorting a latte while the rush hour traffic died down. On the way back, she refused to go home again and veered off towards her race track. Hmm.

We’ve had so many false starts. Could it be spring at last? It’s almost time for summer!

In other news my PowerBook bottom arrived today – thanks Hanso! Now I can start to think about swapping it. The only trouble with that is it means taking the whole PowerBook apart and putting it back together again. Should be fun.


2 Responses to “Well Sprung”

  1. ade Says:

    Screwdrivers: ready!

  2. hanso Says:

    I look forward to a successful transplant. A good bottom is a must!

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