Video: Looking for Mojo

May 8, 2006

Watch this video at your own risk.


Update: May 8, 2006: A better version is now available with more story and more consistent audio levels. I had to produce the last version in a hurry so that Purrplechick could see the video before going away for the week.


6 Responses to “Video: Looking for Mojo”

  1. swingnut Says:

    Comedy genius.
    My life is complete.

  2. hanso Says:

    Hahahaha. You guys are freakin’ nuts! Until the last punchline, I was like, man that’s a lot of dancing and how are they going to wrap it up?


    You all did a wonderful job, nice production, acting, music, choreography, and everything.

    Does my appreciation of this work perfect my British sense of humour?

  3. Steve Says:

    Glad you liked it, although I don’t really think this is British humour, just us being silly and over-acting to everything.

    I also realise that there is actually too much dancing in this and that we tried to fit one too many ideas, and some of those will be completely lost on the viewer, even more on the virtual cutting room floor. Also, cutting audio together with dance moves is a complete bitch to edit and took all day.

    But we had a lot of fun making it, so I figured we may as well show that. And you should see the outtakes!

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  6. Andy Melton Says:

    I really enjoyed this video.

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