Down and Out

May 22, 2006

Been out and about all weekend, so the inevitable happened: the server for my web site,, went down on Saturday for about 6 or 7 hours. There was nothing I could do, it turned out there was some disk damage somewhere (it’s a Virtual Private Server, so there are 3 or 4 different virtual machines on the one server) and the filesystem went into read-only mode.

That is the first bit of real trouble I’ve experienced with my server in almost two years and the hosting company (Tektonic) were pretty responsive at getting it working again, but that is a long time IMO.

After that, it seems Reinvented Blog got hit by some 600 spamments in two days, although it looks like it all held up. However, Akismet got overloaded (probably because of one of those huge attack waves) and so some spamments slipped into the comments feed. Only about 6 out of 600, so 1%. Not bad! Imagine dealing with them manually, scary.

But the point is that this stuff always happens when you’re not around, innit.


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