Oh The Horror

May 24, 2006

CocoaRadio Interview

My CocoaRadio interview is now up, I was a frazzled wreck by the time we started recording, what with worries about my appalling memory, nervous tendency to talk crap and unrivalled ability to put my foot right in it at every opportunity. Sigh.

It didn’t help that the interview itself got postponed on the day. It was meant to be at 4:30pm but Blake couldn’t make that and I’d been psyching myself up, so then we tried again at 8:30pm but iChat wouldn’t do audio chats (it appeared to be AIM’s fault), so we ended up using Skype, and by the time we actually started recording it was more like 9:30pm.

I recorded my end and when I listened back it didn’t seem so bad, but the edited version, with me on the end of the line and Skype glitching, creaking and dropping whole seems to make it that little bit more awful.

Bloody Skype.

I’ll shut up now because it’s probably only me who notices all these things, you know what it’s like.


2 Responses to “Oh The Horror”

  1. Andy Kim Says:

    Hey. I thought the interview was terrific. The Skype distortions weren’t distracting enough to annoy, at least for me. You didn’t sound like a frazzled wreck either. You came off as a cool Brit.

    Well, congratulations. You are famous now!

    Oh, “Unix turned me on” is so much better than “Unix turned me on TO IT”

  2. Steve Says:

    Thanks, Andy! I really appreciate that.

    Good to know that I am finally internet famous. 😀

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