Getting Some Exposure…

May 25, 2006

… from that CocoaRadio interview could have taken on a whole new meaning! In an email telling me the interview was up, Blake wrote:

I took the liberty of cropping your headshot instead of the ahem, creative shower pics. Prolly be too steamy for the cocoa devs out there.

Cough! Splutter! Choke!

You see, gentle reader, the people who run the 24 Hour Processing Flickr group are nasty autocrats. Group members have to post one photo about our lives per day for thirty days and if we don’t then there is punishment: you have to post a shower shot. I was late with my Sunday posting and I knew the rules.

The last person to be late (three times, hence the introduction of the shower shot rule) was group member nsobject and his shower shot, while technically brilliant, was a complete cop-out. The group wanted flesh and who am I to disappoint?

So, with the aid of the camera’s timer, a mini-tripod and enough water to irrigate a small African village, I took a selection of shots. Most of these were from the waist-up or head shots, but a couple came out unintentionally full-bodied (because the camera has to be well away from the water, and because I have to re-zoom every time after checking the shots were OK, and because I forgot to do that once).

So, I posted to the group’s discussion board that I had taken my shots and that they ranged from cop-out to full-frontal, but that I wasn’t sure which to post and would wait until later to make my decision. I had little intention of posting the full-frontal shot although I admit there was a part of me that liked the idea of coffee spraying over monitors everywhere. I could always cover up the worst and it would just have been a bit of fun. I worked my candidate shots down to five.

Meanwhile, group member Franticsmurf suggested I let group princess purrplechick choose the shot by number. I would number my candidates from 1 to 5, ordered chronologically and the EXIF data could later be used to verify the timestamp to prove that I had posted the correct photo. If the scariest photo was chosen, I would post it to the group in all its fullness. The rest showed nothing of me that hasn’t been posted to Flickr already. I liked this idea because of the 20% risk factor.

Purrplechick chose the number in an iChat before posting her decision to the group:


I died a thousand deaths. At least the photo could remain private on Flickr and visible only to members of the group. There are only five members in the group, all of whom are my friends – but even so! I duly posted the uncovered version.

So Blake didn’t see that photo, but he did see the rest as I’d forgotten to make them visible to friends only. They’re hidden from non-friends now, but that CocoaRadio interview could have brought me a lot more exposure than I was expecting if he’d linked to Flickr directly, and I’ve had enough of that for one week, thank you!

Now I’m just waiting for the next person to post late, but it’s surprising how early people post these days. Hmm.

Update: The other shower shots are public again now the dust has settled.


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  1. […] There were no rules, apart from the rules (although there was much debate about the rules, with people who liked rules battling against those who hated them). The rules were to post a single photo taken by yourself every day before midnight in your current time zone. Failure to post on time meant forfeits, which meant shower shots, however interpreted, with some interesting results. […]

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