Open Heart Surgery

May 27, 2006

Open Heart Surgery

Open Heart Surgery originally uploaded by steveharris.

An update to my previous Ouch! and PowerBook Case posts.

My friend, Hanso, managed to get me a decent (and very reasonable) replacement bottom case for my PowerBook a few weeks ago. Trouble is, fitting this means taking everything out of the original bottom case and replacing it.

My friend, Ade, has all the tools for the job, so yesterday evening at 7pm we started the work. By midnight we had everything out of the old case. This morning (see pic) I made a start putting everything into the new case.

We had to take a break to get some brunch and a new tube of thermal paste (the paste I had from fixing my iMac before had expired) and by 6pm everything was done. We had spent about 7 or 8 hours on it altogether.

Nervously, I hit the power button and – Ziiing! the PowerBook started, OS X booted and absolutely everything is working: Airport, Bluetooth, the 1GB memory, ambient light sensors, just everything… I’m so delighted.

The full horror of the operation is documented in a set on Flickr.

Thanks to Hans for getting me the case, Ade for helping me fit it (doing most of the work, actually) and Claire for the, er, refreshments. A true domestic goddess (when she wants to be).


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