Spinning Beachball

May 31, 2006

If I were a Mac, I think my beachball would be spinning right now. I’m paging to disk quite a bit, my processor is running at 100%, the fans are whirring and yet I’m not actually achieving very much.

My list of things to do in order to roll out my new back end is so intricate and inter-dependant, it’s taking all I’ve got just to work it down into manageable chunks. The problem, as usual, lies with the third parties. PayPal is alright but Kagi is a bitch. I think I’ll just “disable” Kagi from my store until I get it sorted and deal with any enquiries as they come in.

After another lull (accompanied by slowdown in sales) all the support emails seemed to come in at once and then you get into the situation of working with 5 different people and their problems in quick rotation. While a couple of them are bug reports, most are from The Confused Minority. Maybe this is because people decided to tackle stuff over the holiday weekend (the one I spent disassembling and reassembling my PowerBook and then aching like a bastard after the Sunday gym visit).

Still, things could be worse – I could be a Windows developer.


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