New Revolutionary Device

June 5, 2006

Fun week ahead… in some ways.

Tomorrow NTL are coming to install the cable modem connection – yay! Trouble is the date is 6/6/6. Hmm.

Wednesday is Outdoor Shakespeare at Oystermouth Castle. The Scottish play. Looking forward to that!

But I have to start my tax return this week. This is usually awful (2 – 3 days) but it’s worse this year because my income passed a certain threshold and that means I have to do even more work. Ho hum.

Gym on Tuesday, gym on Thursday.

And I need to sort out my Tax Credits. The ones I shouldn’t be receiving because my income passed a certain threshold.

I have a Feeder release to do too. Just some fixes and stuff.

Plus, in between all this I need to think about The Future, although I may have managed to do enough of that today, outside, with the help of four cigarettes, two cups of tea and this revolutionary device called a notepad.

This “notepad” is about half an inch “thin”, you use an ink-filled stylus device to jot down notes on something called paper. The paper has lines but you aren’t restricted to writing along them. It supports multiple fonts, colours and styles, in-place doodles, and the most amazingly simple navigation system I have seen!!!

Basically as you write using the “pen”, the “pages” fill up. All you need to do then is flip the “page” over and write on the back of that, or on another page. It’s up to you. The “pages” are ordered chronologically and if you want to delete a page, you just tear it off the pad. Trouble is you can’t refill the notepad and one day its memory will fill up. However, as they’re only 69p, I could just buy another.

Shame it doesn’t have hierarchical folders, multiple colour-coded categories, search, auto-complete, wiki functionality, the ability to delete text (you can only strike it out), Microsoft Word import, the ability to save web pages, crop, preview and rotate images, create “smart groups”, reorder pages, hyperlinks, metadata editing, the ability to add content from within other applications or a Spotlight plug-in.

I must write to the developer immediately!


One Response to “New Revolutionary Device”

  1. swingnut Says:

    I like it! Sounds kinda retro / funky.

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