To me, “Kagi” sounds suspiciously like…

June 9, 2006

…the Welsh word for shit: “cachi”. Linguists may care to know that the “ch” is like the ch in Scottish “loch” and maybe the Welsh “a” is more “cat” than Kagi’s “car”, but you get my drift.

The rest of this post is geeky and so boring you should ignore it. I just need to rant.

Last week I implemented my new backend, but I didn’t have time to get everything set up at Kagi, because it takes a while. I just deactivated the Kagi option from my store and then couldn’t quite bring myself to login to Kagi and start getting everything changed over.

It isn’t straightforward. The first step involves sending a specially formatted email to a certain Kagi email address asking for a new “blurb” (Kagi allow their store to be customised by attaching your own blurbs to products) that will call the new URL on my server to generate registration codes, etc. Twelve hours later another email came back saying that was done.

I also needed to set up some new products because my store has changed the way it identifies products slightly. Of course, I could have worked around this but had forgotten how long it can take to do the Kagi side.

Creating new products means changing your Kagi order form to include specially-formatted hidden input fields with the product name, price, etc and submitting a test order. Then you have to wait for an hour or two until that order is processed and the products added to Kagi’s database. This can also mean you have to temporarily expose unreleased products on your order page, only to have to hide them again once your test order is placed.

Only then can you attach blurbs to your products. This involves going into a form that takes 30 seconds to load and 30 seconds to save, before taking you back to a list of products, which seems to take another 30 seconds to display. I have 7 products in total (different ones for all the bulk and educational discounts, etc) and another 7 products to discontinue and seemed to spend well over an hour alone doing that.

Once the blurbs are attached, you can start placing test orders that will actually reach the backend, so I did. After the first test, the Kagi email with the registration codes didn’t look right, so I corrected the error and submitted another test order. While this order reached my backend 40 mins ago and looks fine on my system the email – the only thing I really need to test – still hasn’t arrived. Sigh.

Kagi are in the middle of releasing a whole new store and I expect that will be a lot better – this antiquated system of theirs truly defies belief. I’ve spent most of the day on this, doing support emails and other things to pass the rest of the time. Their new store won’t fix the other problems though: the shitty refund policy, the way they hang on to your money for up to 7 weeks, the 10% cut they take, the way it is so difficult to find information on their site or this curious arrogance that seems smeared over everything they do.

Still no email… Sigh…

Update: The email came through 2 hours after the order was placed. Sigh, sigh, sigh.


One Response to “To me, “Kagi” sounds suspiciously like…”

  1. swingnut Says:

    What a pile of crap they are!
    If only you could dump them altogether, and just stick to paypal.

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