Natasha Bedingfield Broke My Leg

June 12, 2006

I’m proud to report that less than a month in, I have suffered my first gym injury. I’m not quite sure how it happened but now I’m walking with a limp. Of course, I have been walking funny over the last few weeks but this time the pain isn’t of the usual “gosh, I’ve got muscles there?!” variety.

I’ve worked in corporate IT and so I know that when faced with any sort of difficulty, it is vitally important to pinpoint the culprit as soon as possible. This could be anyone who just happened to be passing through the office at the time. In the gym there were a number of suspects but I think I know who caused this: Natasha Bedingfield.

Oh yes, she may look sweet with her bottle blonde hair and come hither looks, but she clearly put me off my stride and caused this most unpleasant injury. Was Ms Bedingfield at the gym in question? Of course not, but her video was playing on the TV screens while I was on the treadmill (along with something that looked like The Waltons and some football – seems to be an awful lot of this on at the moment, don’t know why). That’s good enough for me.

I can say with no shadow of a doubt that she appeared most unrepentant. Still hot, though.

Oh yes, and I should mention that I haven’t really broken my leg but I think I’ve sprained my ankle. What kind of headline would that have been otherwise, hmm? See, I could have been a tabloid hack.

As you were.


3 Responses to “Natasha Bedingfield Broke My Leg”

  1. […] Today, we were up at Dawn’s crack (well, 8.30 ish which is early for a Sunday) in preparation for a hike to some waterfalls with our mate Fstop Dave. It was a photographic expedition, and what an expedition it was. We walked about 4 miles, over some rough, slippery and steep terrain, so my legs are aching now. It was fab though, we saw some great waterfalls. Sadly one of our intended party couldn’t make it due to an ankle injury (and it was probably just as well he didn’t attempt it as we’d have had to strap him to Jack’s back to get home) so we’ll just have to go again with him. Which will be a hardship, I’m sure… […]

  2. […] I know I told my friends I couldn’t make it to the gym because my Natasha Bedingfield injury is still playing up, but I was able to drive into town, clamber up the stairs to the mens’ section of metrosexual heaven, River Island, and make an implusive purchase. […]

  3. […] I started going back to the gym just over a week ago, now that my ankle is better, although it still aches every day, more so since starting back at the gym. Your ankle is one of those things that is really difficult not to use. You only notice how much you use it when it hurts. […]

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