24 Hour Processing Over

June 15, 2006

24 Hour Processing, our experimental Flickr group where we had to take one shot a day for 30 days (plus an extra Day 31 photo of ourselves – “this is who I am”) is now over.

I really enjoyed this and is let me experiment with different ideas – colours, compositions, just anything to tell an honest story of the day. Some days we had themes to do, so they tend to be a little more arty or contrived, but still good fun.

Here are all the photos I took, click on them to see my set on Flickr (apart from that shower shot photo, which you can *almost* see there, but which has to remain private):


Here is the group pool so far. We don’t have all 155 photos yet as Hans is in meltdown between his summer internship at a company starting/ending with Y! and doing evening classes to bolster his law school result, but I’m assured that he will catch up before too long.

Great, so now that’s over I can get some work done again! It’s been totally addictive and trying to come up with fresh ideas every day is quite a challenge. It will probably take me weeks before I can go anywhere without wondering whether I should take my camera. I have really enjoyed it.

Oh, and talking of cameras, I’ve ordered a Canon Digital Rebel XT, which I should have next week. Watch my photographic skills plummet as I try to reacquaint myself with the wonderful world of SLRs, now gone digital. 😀


2 Responses to “24 Hour Processing Over”

  1. purrplechick Says:

    If I was feeling nawmel, I’d feel bereft. i will tomorrow. It’s been an integral part of life for the last month and it’ll be weird tomorrow not having to post a picture.

  2. Steve Says:

    I’m thinking I might just take one anyway!

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