Yeast Infection

June 28, 2006

It’s iTunes podcasting anniversary and I’m all smiley and happy on Reinvented Blog, but if you want to hear a different perspective, why I’m not getting laid and something about cucumbers, then check out the last 10 mins of Yeast Radio #403. I might also be Part 2, but who knows.

This particular episode is an advice show hosted by bloated lesbian Madge Weinstein and guest-host Cheryl Mercowski (“25 year old beautiful woman, smoker and owner of three fourths of a lung…”).

If you’re offended by lesbians, cunts, sluts, whores, clits, vaginas and a whole lot more, the show won’t be for you. Either that or get over yourself, Mary! It’s just for fun.

Update: Part 2 is up now and probably even more tragic than Part 1, as far as my contribution goes.


4 Responses to “Yeast Infection”

  1. Andy Melton Says:

    I just adore an English (or is it British?) accent.

  2. Steve Says:

    Oh, I could never tell.

    And yeah, British, because I’m not actually English, I’m Welsh. šŸ˜‰

  3. Andy Melton Says:

    Ok, I just scared the jesus out of me, I was listening to you talk on Yeast Radio, the second day, I clicked over to your site, and I SWEAR the front page said there was only one comment…and then…I came over here and there were two, I thought, no he did not just now leave a comment…surely! Well, I’m an idiot…anyways, love ya. Talk to you soon I hope. I think I added you to Skype.

  4. Andy Melton Says:

    Oh cool, so if I need to find out what time it is where you are, all I gotta do is leave a comment. lol Ok, I’m leaving now.

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