Kagi Devoured My Sales

July 6, 2006

To follow up previous posts of why Kagi sucks, my latest tale is more telling than anything.

Background: Usually I offer two methods of payment on my website; PayPal, which I prefer and Kagi, because they accept all those other awkward forms of payment from companies, schools, etc. Both services work in similar ways: when a sale is made, they contact my website, which validates the transaction and generates the codes. PayPal returns the customer to my site where they get their purchased codes, also sent in an email, while the Kagi store sends its own email with the codes.

Kagi has been less popular lately, so it’s not unusual to go a day or two without receiving a payment from them. However, I noticed a couple of weeks ago that my back-end system had received Kagi transactions but that I hadn’t received the payment notification emails. I left it for a couple of days because there can be a delay with Kagi emails but more sales went through and no emails arrived until I received an email from a customer, via Kagi, asking for their codes because they hadn’t got their Kagi email.

I logged into Kagi and saw none of the sales on my supplier pages. I was wondering whether someone had successfully managed to crack my backend system but they all looked too genuine. Transactions had been going through successfully for a week or so on the new system, which hasn’t changed and still seemed to be working fine. I fired off an email to Kagi and they informed me that they had forwarded this to their engineering team. I disabled Kagi payments on my site.

Yesterday I get another email from a customer, who forwarded me a reply from Kagi about a complaint he made on his transaction. Again, Kagi said they were looking into it, that the transactions were hung up in their system. Will these payments make it into my monthly payment from Kagi for July? I suspect not. Were Kagi proactive in dealing with these problems? No. After finding out about the problem, did they perform any kind of workaround to give customers the service they expect? No. Have they kept me updated on the situation or do I have any way to track the problem? No. Is any of this acceptable? I think not.

Thin ice, baby, thin ice.


2 Responses to “Kagi Devoured My Sales”

  1. Andy Melton Says:

    That sucks that that Kagi company sucks. Did your customers at least understand what was going on?

  2. Steve Says:

    Yeah, I think so. They’ve all been very nice.

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