He Was Called Michael

July 24, 2006

I may as well come out and say it.

iChat about Michael

You know how I thought the problem after the weekend would be tiredness and that I wouldn’t get any work done? Not a bit of it, I haven’t flagged once while my friends have variously snoozed/puked/died temporarily. I may have had the shakes the day after our night out, but I still got us the 250 miles home flawlessly (although the credit should go to Audrey), posted my photos, answered my support emails, fed the cat.

I think I know why, but there’s just one problem. I keep drifting off into daydreams. I still see his face, the way he danced, how fit he was, when he looked into my eyes and what a kisser! The hottest guy in the club, by far. Too bad he was taken, not that he seemed to mind… sigh!

Photo updates: Purrplechick has all the rude and funny ones, Swingnut is artastic, my mind was clearly elsewhere.

Not one of Michael, unfortunately. Normally, I can’t do anything without having a lens shoved in my face. Typical. 😛


One Response to “He Was Called Michael”

  1. purrplechick Says:

    He was hot, I completely agree. Kudos to Steve for managing to snog his face off (even if he did turn into a complete teenage girl in the process).

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