Rhossili July 2006

August 1, 2006

Two weeks ago I did a solo photo shoot and dedicated the Flickr set to my best friend, Hans. Hanso isn’t the only one of my friends to have it rough the last month, but he’s certainly had it many, many times rougher than anyone else I know. Yesterday he had to go through something no man should endure. It’s not my story to tell, but trust me on this.


Anyway, because of that and because this set showcases some of the best photos I’ve ever taken, I thought I should highlight them here too. The location has been mentioned on this blog before: it’s Rhossili, a small village and huge bay which resides on the most western point of the Gower peninsular, the UK’s first dedicated area of outstanding natural beauty. It’s also the place I go to when life is getting me down or I need to recharge.

Click on the thumbnails above to go to Flickr. Each photo is three dimensional in that there is an image, a concept and a message.


One Response to “Rhossili July 2006”

  1. Andy Melton Says:

    Such a shame that someone so cute should have to go something so bad. I’ll keep Hanso in my thoughts. *hugs* to Hanso!

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