Ongline Podcast #176

August 10, 2006

As a surprise for everyone (myself included!) John Ong asked me to cover his show today because he has a whore throat. He normally does two shows a week, his Monday show being more an audio journal and his Thursday show being topical, so I decided to interview a wannabe fag hag and her hubby, thanks to them being available at extremely short notice!

Ongline #176 Fat Free Ongline Hijacks BBC

I’ve never produced a proper podcast before, I hope John’s regular listeners will like it – we talk about lots of things including why a girl needs a gay best friend, having an inner drag queen, stalkers, sex, lesbian fantasies and gay dogs.

Thanks to John for giving me the amazing opportunity to do this, and to my guests for getting us out of a hole! (whorehole?) Here are some more photos that might help explain some things in the show:

Purrplechick and I:
Prrincess Purrplechick, Steve and Babydaddy

Gay Dog

Jack and His Slice of Ham

Hopefully, it’s a lot of fun and won’t alienate all of John’s listeners. Enjoy!


5 Responses to “Ongline Podcast #176”

  1. Andy Melton Says:

    *begins to cry* And thats why you were calling me!

  2. Chef Mark Says:

    Hey Steve, great hosting of John’s show. yor sexy voice is a pleasure (or should I say, gives pleasure)

    I liked the shows you did last week as well. I was traveling so didn’t get a chance to comment earlier. It’s nice that you are an out bi man, as it starts to feel a little lonely around this qpodder land being out as bi or omni-sexual, or just open to meeting gerat people of any gender. Wouldn’t it be great if even in the queer-o-sphere we could be more accepting of the various shades of sexuality.

    mwah! xoxo

    -Chef Mark

  3. Steve Says:

    Thanks Mark! It’s great to know you enjoyed the show. I agree on the representation in the community… we’re like a minority in a minority. Still, it’s not all bad being omnisexual, is it! 😉

  4. Chef Mark Says:

    Hell no! In fact, it’s quite good. deliciously so.

  5. Whore-liver! Says:

    Great great show… I keep on refreshing my BROWSER to check if there was a new episode. I was starting to get disappointed, when my iTunes downloaded the episode. Yay!

    And it was Steve! tee-hee… Thank you for a wonderful episode with the Purrrrincessssss…. And as always, beautiful voice Steve… such a treat it is.

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