September 10, 2006

When I was 18 or something I wrote a song called Necromance. I don’t remember the words or the choon, but I remember the premise. It was about hanging onto relationships that have no life left in them.


Now, I’m well aware of my tendency to idealise, cling onto hope and keep on believin’ until there is not a scrap left and even beyond. Did I know this back then? Probably. Did I think I’d be the same now? I doubt it. I thought I’d be dead by now. I probably should be.

I’ll sort it out one day. Sure, I will. Until then I should write some songs or something.

I just remembered how much crap I spouted last night while feeling not that drunk at all.

Oh well.


2 Responses to “Necromance”

  1. Andy Melton Says:

    I enjoyed our call last night. I hope you, the Prrincess and HOPEFULLY Ade and I can do it again sometime.

    A new theme! Cool!

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