Desired Constellation

September 12, 2006

It’s tricky when…


6 Responses to “Desired Constellation”

  1. Imma (Blank) Says:

    Björk is amazing! I’ve seen her perform several time and have met her in person. She told me 3 very inspiring words… “Think Happy Thoughts!”

    pssss: I’ve added you to my Bloggets links on the Dilly.
    xoxoxs – Burning with Bush – IMMA

  2. Andy Melton Says:

    Hey Steve, I hope you are well. I haven’t talked with you in several days. Miss you *kisses*

  3. Steve Says:

    I agree, Björk is amazing. Always original, fresh, crazy. And I love the way she talks!

    Andy, I’m swaped, that’s all, honaye. 😉

  4. Andy Melton Says:

    I know how you are, Steve. You just say things to make people shut up! lol 😉

  5. purrplechick Says:

    Who’ve you swapped with Steve? 😉

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