Video: Productivity

September 19, 2006

Beth knows how to kill mine!


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5 Responses to “Video: Productivity”

  1. VJnet Says:

    Your kitty is so cute. I’m thinking of getting a kitty again because they are so cute, independent and easy to take care of.

    Do you have another RSS feed because I tried to subscribe to you through iTunes and there is only one video entry on your feed (

  2. Steve Says:

    Thanks VJ, she is cute and she knows it!

    I don’t actually have a proper feed for that stuff, which is pretty bad considering that’s what the software I make does.

    OK, so I do now!

    Or for iTunes one-click:

  3. Andy Melton Says:

    Awwww, she’s so cute!

  4. Steve Says:

    She is utterly spoilt with a princess attitude and has really been a cow all night – if she wants to sit on a particular chair you can’t turn your back before she’s back on it.

    I actually walked away with the camera facing backwards, recording and when I played it back, saw how quickly she moves. I left her eating but as soon as I got up she slinked back onto my chair and curled up. If I try to move her, she just makes my life a misery.

    Good job I’ve got my PowerBook to work on!

  5. Imma (blank) Says:

    your kitty is too cute!
    love the scissor sisters song too!!
    cheers matie – Imma

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