Oh, Consequences

October 26, 2006

Hello, world.

So where have I been and why haven’t I been blogging? Well, I’ve been right here, where I’ve always been, but busy in a development phase. This differs to the support phases I get into after a release in that I tend to be working on ideas and concepts that can span days or weeks, not hours or a single day.

Sure, all things can be broken down into chunks but when you have to spend a couple of weeks working in preparation for a couple of days’ work that was the original point, it seems like all you can do to sprint to that place and not break the concentration. And then I start thinking in code.

NSEnumerator *thoughts = [[steve randomThoughts] objectEnumerator];
Thought *thought;
while (thought = [thoughts nextObject]) {
	[steve startNewParagraph];
	[steve switchSubjectTo:thought];

Consequences. Some can be minor, others may not come to light for years. Often, one can easily imagine the benefits. Do X, Y will happen and we’ll all live happily ever after. But it’s important to work out the crappy implications too, including any long-term effects. How will this pan out years down the line?

Life has no undo. I sometimes wish it did, particularly the sort of non-destructive editing you see in apps like Aperture. Just remove that one mistake without changing anything else. Fuck cause and effect.

I don’t know when I stopped talking to people, but I think I know why. I don’t wanna talk about it, as Rod Stewart once croaked.

I like being spontaneous, but I’ve been burnt by my own friction so many times. Sometimes after that I become too cautious but soon feel stifled by my security blanket. Now I’m trying to find the balance.

I really am a creature of speed. I want it done now. As soon as I start something, I’m thinking about the next thing. I have a voracious appetite for the new, the different and the unusual and yet what I have before me is the same old tired shit.

Some people enjoy cleaning. I don’t. That’s what I’m doing and while things look nicer for a little while, it’s never long before I’m back where I started.

So, lots of chores to do, just want them done, need a change of scene, not enough hours in the day. Running out of enthusiasm beans. Will get there one day. 2006 sucks.



4 Responses to “Oh, Consequences”

  1. Andy Melton Says:

    andystill gets a cookie

    (I suck at PHP)

  2. Andy Melton Says:

    LOL! OOPS, it parsed it as actual code…see…I am an idiot.

  3. Steve Says:

    That’s worrying. You need the <pre> tag – I didn’t see the code, even in the email.

  4. Andy Melton Says:

    Well. It said “if any gets up at least once, andy gets a cookie” else “andy still gets a cookie”

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