Video: Shopping and Sushi

November 4, 2006

Walk, eat, shop and don’t stop.

Shopping and Sushi

Purchases will be revealed in due course.


7 Responses to “Video: Shopping and Sushi”

  1. Andy Melton Says:

    If when I watch this video (I’m downloading it now), if I put my mouth up to the window screen will plates of food convey into my mouth!?!?! Ok, finna watch it now!

  2. Andy Melton Says:

    Claire & Ade have nice rears. Steve has nice, manly boots, at least they appear to be boots. You had me fooled with the sideways video, I thought those were windows, they were windows, but more like sky-lights! The food looked SOOOOO!!! I really thing the pile of green beans was pretty and are probably delicious as well. I kept trying to figure out whether Ade was carrying a video or a regular camera.

  3. Steve Says:

    Haha, I didn’t mean to capture their rears, but their feet. Ah well. Ade is carrying his enormous, manly dSLR. I do have manly boots on, you’re right. And the food, super-yummy.

  4. purrplechick Says:

    OMG. My hair is so red! 😀

  5. Steve Says:

    It was done the night before, I think, Miss Chick.

  6. Vincent Says:

    Walk,shop and don’t stop, my kind of life, I have been repeatedly doing those every week, except the ‘eat’ part, I m on diet ! Andy, remember to track the fat, haha..

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