Video: Return to Oz, Part 1

November 13, 2006

Part 1 – “It Can’t Come Quickly Enough”

Part 1 - It Can't Come Quickly Enough

The first part of a series of short movies about our trip to Brighton for a gig and the story of my infatuation, Michael.

11 mins 47 secs.

Click here to watch on Google Video if you don’t have QuickTime 7.0.


12 Responses to “Video: Return to Oz, Part 1”

  1. purrplechick Says:

    Oh that’s just excellent! Well done, Kitten.

    I can’t wait for the next installment and I was there! And I’m dying to know what he said, and how you managed to get the fireworks to go off at that exact, cliff-hanging, moment!

  2. Andy Melton Says:

    BRAVO! BRAVO! I’m gonna turn it into an encore! This video is my absolute favorite thus far, well….

    I really enjoyed it. SUPERB! SUPERB! SUPERB!!! I really, really think this was an EXCELLENT video and I’m not just scratching your balls because you’re my friend, but, I really do think you’ve got it, you’ve got what the others don’t. TRULY. All of you. Each and every one of you. This video was great. I really enjoyed it.

    I’m going to watch it again!

  3. Andy Melton Says:

    I had to make a comment, yes, another one. As you’re driving beside the cabling on the bridge the music changes ever so slight to make it sound as though the cables are being strummed like a guitar.

    Fantastic job! FANTASTIC!!!

  4. Love it. You’ve got the plot when it comes to plot, and thanks for the loverly Brighton shots.

    P.S. Little Miss Purple is the subject of increasing gaydoration from La France.

    P.P.S. Please use miniscule EasyJet baggage allowance this weekend to bring her along. I’ll bring posh pants for you.

    P.P.P.S. Those tits are flawless, by the by, but leave me wondering if climbing stairs quickly could be rather painful…

  5. Andy Melton Says:

    C’mon, Mary! I just took a shower and was hoping by the time I finished there would be a new video! Not that I don’t completely enjoy the other one and have enjoyed it several more times today….but, there was a cliff hanger, c’mon, don’t make us wait until next week!!!

    Ok, Ok…I’ll go fix some hamburgers and give you time to get it up here! LOL.

    I’m joking of course, I know you’re busy! *hugs* Tra!

  6. Steve Says:

    Thanks, Jeffrey.

    It will be a little while yet Andy. Today I have been to the dentist, shopping (which included getting batteries for the iRiver to make this part), Starbucks for food, posted the rest of my photos on Flickr, done some work, etc!

    I’m just starting now, but it’s all planned out, so we’ll see how long it takes.

  7. Andy Melton Says:

    Everyone seems to be going to the dentist today!

    I’m looking forward to it! 🙂

  8. djDavidj Says:

    Wish she would of followed ya into the shower! Cheese and Crackers anyone! 😛

    Love the video, watched both, and can’t wait to see where you went, going to bed is so over rated.

    For a skinny boy yer hot! nice ass! LICK! hehehe

    Keep up the great work, glad I found your video blog.

    aka. djDavidj

  9. purrplechick Says:

    Wow thanks Jeffrey – I haven’t had any gaydoration in ages! I would love to take the place of Steve’s posh pants in his luggage but he’s such a whore he wouldn’t bring me.

    I shall continue preening myself to your comments now.

  10. I assure you, the aforesaid posh pants for which he sacrificed your shining presence will be videoed and distributed when he isn’t looking. Please steal all posh pants that are sans skidmarks in order to ensure maximum embarassment.

  11. Imma (Blank) Says:

    one word: lovely
    two words: love you!
    three words: Brighton is fab
    four words: Will you marry me?

    xoxox’s – Imma (dag)

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