Video: Return to Oz, Part 3

November 16, 2006

Part 3 – “Ooh”

Part 3 - Ooh

The third part of our trip to Brighton and the story of Michael and me.

18 mins 2 secs. Long!

Click here to watch on Google Video if you don’t have QuickTime 7.0.


10 Responses to “Video: Return to Oz, Part 3”

  1. Bars and clubs are casinos when it comes to cock and cameraderie. Sometimes you hit the jackpot, sometimes you go bust, and sometimes you get mixed up fruits.

    Love the foot-blocked moneyshot with Little Miss Purple.

  2. Steve Says:

    J, what you say about clubs and bars being casinos is pretty much what I’m getting to with all of this. If you’re gay, how are you meant to get together with someone? Seems to me that unless you’re lucky enough to live somewhere like Brighton where you have an area that’s 90% gay, all you’ve got is The Scene or the good fortune to come into contact with someone through work, hobby or whatever.

    Yes, there are the Gaydars of this world and personals pages, but ugh, that’s even more the rolling of the dice. It’s a nightmare, especially when you’re getting on and can’t be fucked with that (and subsequent 12 step program to recovery).

    LOL @ moneyshot.

  3. purrplechick Says:

    I like the way you cut it so it looked like I took HOURS to get ready, while you took approx. 35 seconds.

    Cos we all know that the reverse is true.

  4. purrplechick Says:

    And why do I *always* seem to be coming out of the bathroom? I must have a bladder the size of a walnut.

  5. Imma (blank) Says:

    oh dear heavens god! u looked just marvy 4 the sisters show! sexee’ … and those mouth shaped pissers at the end of the vid. were 2 cool!

    hugs 2 u mista sexee’ mf! – Imma

  6. VJnet Says:

    I was in favor of he little gloves as well. Couldn’t be bothered with the long ones 😉

  7. VJnet Says:

    Wait am I still watching the same vid?..

    The chap in the hat at the show was quite fetching to me 🙂

  8. VJnet Says:

    OMG! Steve and co. Just when I thought it couldent can’t get better… There’s more!

  9. Steve Says:

    Thanks VJ! 😉

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